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    Meet the training team behind the awesome workouts at CrossFit Beaufort. 

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    Jeff Scott

    Jeff is the Owner of CrossFit Beaufort, and also a CrossFit Level 1 coach.  He is also a licensed massage therapist for 10 years with a lot of continuing education in anatomy, kinesiology, muscle structure and function.  Jeff also holds a certification in Erik Dalton's Myo-skeletal Alignment Technique.  Simply put, he knows how the body should move.

    Always somewhat battling weight since teen years, Jeff had a back injury years ago and let himself get extremely out of shape.  To the tune of 430 lbs of mostly fat.  In January 2015, he found CrossFit while in Myrtle Beach for the winter, at CrossFit Asperitas with Coach John Kim.  He immediately fell in love with CrossFit and has been doing it ever since.  In this time it's estimated that Jeff has lost approximately 165lbs of fat and put on 30-35lbs of muscle. 

    Jeff has competed in many and won a few Strongman competitions, as well as a few CrossFit Festivus competitions, winning 2016 Novice partners, and 2017 Masters Partners

    For the last 2 years Jeff's main CrossFit box has been CrossFit Beaufort, and in October 2017 he bought the gym.  His main goal is to help the overweight lose weight, the average joe become stronger and faster, and the advanced athlete become elite, and the elite athlete be as good as they possibly can be.  

    "CrossFit truly is for EVERYONE and I am living proof of that" ~ Jeff Scott

  • Jennifer Williams

    CrossFit Level 1 (Accredited)

  • Dave Hardie


    CrossFit Level 1 (Accredited)

    CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

    Dave came to CrossFit in 2013 with some background in running and triathlons, although that was decades earlier.  He loved functional fitness from programs like P90X, and he liked group training from boot camp classes.  But once he experienced the camaraderie and competition of CrossFit, he was hooked.

    Dave soon began competing in his age group, which is currently 55-59.  He typically ranks among the top 100 in the world every year in the CrossFit Open, including ranking #5 globally among 59-year-olds in 2017.  He is a two-time winner of the national Masters Tour, and he is now seeking his third title at the WODfather, the biggest masters event in the New York area.  He is also the only athlete over 55 to complete the 2017 WODprep Rx Challenge series.

    Dave got his L-1 trainer certification in 2016 and his certification as a Gymnastics coach in 2017.  He takes great joy in helping athletes develop new skills, whether that means their first pullup or their first string of muscleups.  

    CrossFit has Dave in the best shape of his life – certainly on an “age-adjusted” basis – and he loves the athlete community at CrossFit Beaufort.  If he has any complaint, it is that he plays almost no golf these days.

  • Josh Knight

    CrossFit Level 1
    ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • Steven Jeter

    CrossFit Level 1

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