Memberships and Programs

FREE INTRO & On-Ramp - These classes are required for all new clients who are not experienced with CrossFit training before they enroll in one of our programs/memberships. If you have already been doing CrossFit for at least three months at another box, you can attend our regular classes after Testing Out. To learn more on How to Get Started and how to schedule your On-Ramp Class or Test Out click here.
- Unlimited monthly access. Attend as many classes as you like, even multiple classes per day (this is great for splitting metcons and strength workouts). No need to sign-up in advance. If there is a class scheduled you're welcomed to attend.
- Three classes a week option. You pick the days and class time. You can attend any scheduled class 3 times a week. No need to sign-up in advance. If there is a class scheduled you're welcomed to attend.  

COUPLES/FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - We have both Unlimited and Limited programs for couples (same payment plan) and Families.    

PERSONAL TRAINING - $40-$80/session (trainer dependent). Discounts offered for packages of 10 and 20 sessions.
- Our CrossFit Kids program is designed to provide your kids with a safe, exciting and fun environment that will encourage them to achieve their best through physical activity. Our workouts are designed to be fun and challenging, while at the same time helping your kids to learn and develop new skills. For more information CLICK HERE

CORPORATE WELLNESS - Our Corporate Wellness programs are the answer to making your company a healthier, happier and more productive place. Contact us for a "corporate" rate.

             -Public Safety (active-duty law enforcement, fire, EMS & military)
             - Family - 1st member pays full price, 2nd, 3rd, etc are discounted.