Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Beaufort Weightlifting is a USAW sanctioned weightlifting club (club #55008) in the South Carolina LWC. Whether you’re new to the lifts, developing your athletic capacity for another sport, training for a USAW competition, or just like the feel of moving something heavy over-head, this program is for you!

Our Olympic Weightlifting program incorporates the snatch, clean, jerk, squats and auxiliary work.

Olympic Weightlifting is important to general fitness and athletic development and is a safe and time efficient way to develop multiple athletic capacities including:

1. Strength

2. Flexibility

3. Power

4. Speed

5. Agility

6. Balance

7. Coordination

8. Accuracy

The benefits of Olympic Weightlifting will carry over into any sport you’re currently participating in where Speed and Power is King.

-To participate in classes just show up for the scheduled class.

-To participate in scheduled competitions you must be a USA Weightlifting member.

Yes! Even if you are a member of CrossFit Beaufort. You can register on-line (click here) and select club #55008 CrossFit Beaufort Weightlifting as your club.

-We recommend purchasing weightlifting shoes, just as you would buy cleats for football or    soccer, running shoes for your marathons, etc. For the benefits of weightlifting shoes        (click here).

For more information contact Coach Teddy at teddy.crossfitbeaufort@gmail.com