Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is the sign of a Champion?    
During my many years of weightlifting and now CrossFit, I have met my fair share of people who are very fit/strong, but make the statement, “if I can’t win, I’m not going to compete”.  I usually just smile, but in my head I’m thinking wow, and here I thought competition was a testing ground to check your progress, find your weaknesses and get back in the gym and train harder.  And hey, if you happen to get some “bling” along the way, that’s cool.  Even if you come out on top you should never rest on your laurels because there is always someone working as hard or harder than you.   

This past Saturday I received a text from my weightlifting coach, Ray Jones, informing me that CJ and his brother Omar had just been selected to represent the USA at the 15 & Under Pan-American Weightlifting Championships. The competition is for athletes 15 and Under from North, Central and South American countries.    I called Ray to get the details and then asked if CJ was going to the Senior National Weightlifting Championships in Cincinnati.  Ray told me initially yes, then CJ changed his mind the next day and said no.  Ray questioned why the sudden change and CJ said he knows the international competition is more important than a national championship and he wanted to make sure there was enough money for him and his brother to go to the Pan-Americans.  Ray asked CJ why he wanted to go to the Senior Nationals since CJ would be competing against grown men.  Here’s what this 13 year-old boy tells his coach.  “Because when I go to these competitions and get my butt kicked, it makes me want to come back and train harder”.  This is from a 13 year-old who two weeks ago at the Youth National Championships at a body-weight of 129lbs, snatched 220lbs and clean & jerked 275lbs.  He wants to go to a competition to get his butt kicked so he’ll come back and train harder? That my friend, is the sign of a true Champion. Is it any wonder why he is the youngest American to Clean & Jerk double body weight, which he accomplished at age 11.   

With that in mind, I told Ray that Billy, Betsy, and I would help sponsor CJ and we would reach out to our CrossFit Beaufort family.  If you are able to help CJ reach the Senior Nationals, Billy, Betsy and I, along with Ray and CJ, would be much appreciative.  They need help with travel expenses, so if anyone is able to help with gift cards for gas or food, a monetary donation that we can pool together to purchase a pre-paid debit card, or whatever it may be, we thank you!!!!

 Dean hitting the KB Swing hard!
Arm/Leg Swings
Samson Stretch
20 Shoulder Dislocates
2x10 of:
Strict Press (empty barbell)
Good Mornings
Back Squats
5 Deadlift Singles, No Touch-n-Go, NO Dropping 225/153#
250m Run
10 Burpees
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Rx+ is 400m, 275/183#

Spend the remaining class time working on a "Goat"

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