Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, more and more of the WOD's are containing Rx+ options.  The G-man is posting Rx+ WOD's for athlete's that are moving on to the next level and are possibly looking at being competitive in CrossFit or just want to take their fitness above and beyond.  While we have done this sporadically in the past, this is something that we are working on making a daily option. If it's a named WOD, we post it as the WOD and give scaling options or we may post a scaled version and have athletes scale up to the named WOD.  In other WOD's we may have increased weights, run/row distances, extra rounds, etc., or we may substitute exercises to increase the intensity/difficulty of the WOD.  Here at CrossFit Beaufort whether you Rx or Rx+ a WOD is not nearly as important as completing each movement with proper range of motion and form.  Scaling is always better than incomplete range of motion.   

When considering whether to Rx+ a WOD, each athlete should evaluate their abilities against the movement standards for each exercise AND the rep scheme.  If the standards for the Rx+ WOD cannot be met due to the athlete not being able to perform the full ROM or the athlete is operating at less than 100% (fatigue/sore, torn hands, etc), then the athlete should consider something less than Rx+. The same goes for high rep scheme WOD's.   Not meeting the range of motion requirements in one or more of the exercises means a WOD has not been Rx+, even though a tremendous effort has been put forth. 

With a 396# Deadlift, 335# Back Squat, 301# Front Squat, 242# Clean & Jerk, 187# Snatch (yeah I know that should be 200#+, but I'm working on it) there's not a whole lot of our WOD's I can't Rx+.   But I don't, because everyday is not an Rx+ day.  I evaluate each Rx+ WOD and weigh it against the Rx version and how I feel that day and the training stimuli I want to work on.  Maybe the Rx+ WOD will be slow and heavy, but the Rx WOD I can knock out fast and really hit the metabolic conditioning, which is something I really need to work on.   If I'm feeling frisky and hit the Rx+ WOD, but I am failing to meet the standards, I scale back to the Rx WOD, no big deal.  A recent example of this was scaling up to Muscle-ups for RX+.  During the 3rd round of the shoulder intensive WOD the Muscle-ups were coming mighty slow so I had to switch to the Rx version with pull-ups.  Even then I misread the WOD and was doing 5 PU's instead of 6, which I reflected in my score on the whiteboard. Which brings me to my next point. 

 Our score on the whiteboard is a reflection of the work we have done.  It should only mean something to you, the athlete, and we should use it to measure our own progress. Any athlete to athlete comparison's can be done on the battleground, i.e., competitions where it counts.

For some head's up, the G-man is working on posting a WOD for AFTER the WOD consisting of a short AMRAP or Olympic weightlifting. This will be totally optional.

Kate and Mike getting it done!!!
Arm/Leg Swings
2x10 of:
DB Press
DB Straight-leg Deadlift
Grasshoppers (L&R=1)

Russian KB Swings (eye level)
use a weight heavier than your WOD's 
(if 70# is too light than go hand2hand)
For time:
Run 400m
40 HR Pushups
30 Weighted Step ups 45/25# on 20” box (15l/15r)
20 Power Cleans 115/75#
30 HR Pushups
20 Weighted Step ups 45/25# on 20” box (10l/10r)
10 Power Cleans 115/75#
Run 400m

(scale to knee push-ups and/or step-ups with no weight)
Rx+ do back squats instead of Step-ups (no racks) with your Power Clean weight. 

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