David Little has made some huge changes in his life this year and CrossFit has been a large part of the change. One year ago, David weighed 230 pounds and currently weighs 157 pounds. We posed some questions to him about his journey.

CFOKC: What was your motivation for starting at CFOKC?

D: My motivation for starting CrossFit is really quite simple. I had reached a point in my life where I was the heaviest I’d ever seen myself. I noticed small tasks like climbing the stairs and even playing with my daughter were very taxing on my body. I was unable to do much without losing my breath. It was clear that I was out of shape. I knew my diet was poor, and even my best of intentions still led me to dead ends. I had heard of CrossFit through friends and friends of friends and everyone spoke very highly of it and I was intrigued. When a friend finally put it in the perspective as a long-term investment towards my overall health I began to look at it much differently. I came to CrossFit with a long-term mentality, which ultimately has helped me to stick with it.

CFOKC: Why did you choose CFOKC instead of another gym? How long have you been CrossFitting?

D: I am an analytical person by nature. So when considering where to CrossFit I thought through everything that was important to me. Things like location, convenience and facilities were all part of my decision making process. Ultimately, what brought me to CFOKC was Jason Boag. I picked up quickly as I researched other CrossFit facilities in the OKC area that they, with the exception of one or two, all came out of CFOKC and ultimately Jason’s training. I personally believe that says a lot about the quality of what CFOKC’s training program has to offer to prospective athletes and members. Going into CrossFit I wanted and still want to train with the best. I wholeheartedly believe in the training that CFOKC offers. In the nine months I’ve been CrossFitting, I believe our box has the highest quality of trainers, facilities and people than that of any other facility I have visited. I have a very deep connection to CFOKC and believe that anyone who comes through our doors will benefit immeasurably.

CFOKC: Were you introduced to CrossFit movements through personal training or On Ramp class?

D: I was introduced to CrossFit movements through On Ramp. I had experience with traditional movements like bench press, back squat, and sit-ups, curls, etc. However, the emphasis on good form during On Ramp really solidified my commitment to CrossFit. I mean what good is lifting heavy if you have bad form? I love our mentality that it is better to lift lighter weights and keep good form than the mentality to lift heavy and sacrifice form. If you’re sacrificing form you’re not getting stronger, you’re risking injury. On Ramp’s purpose is to encourage good form, avoid injury and develop confidence in your abilities. Ultimately, that is what is so great about CrossFit. CrossFit allows athletes to perform at their level, get stronger at their level, and encourage the athletes along side you to do what they can do. CFOKC fosters this environment unlike that of any other I’ve experienced. During On Ramp the emphasis was clear: that it’s not about being the best, but being the best you can be. I simply love that.

CFOKC: We know the best results are seen with a pairing of good nutrition and consistent workouts. Did you change your eating habits before starting or did you start working out first?

D: With the introduction of 2011 came many changes in my life. Diet was one of those changes. Before the introduction of the Paleo diet through CrossFit, I committed myself to the “Candida Diet,” which focuses solely on the intake and growth of yeast in the digestive tract. Through my research and education of Candida and yeast, I wanted to know to what extent yeast had a negative impact in my overall health and well-being. Successes through this were best seen after 90 days of consistently avoiding foods and ingredients that contribute to the development and growth of yeast bacteria in the body. After 30 days I dropped 22 lbs., 60 days 30 lbs., and 90 days 35 lbs. Upon the completion of the 90 days and the addition of CrossFit I had never felt healthier in my life. After 90 days of a strict and disciplined diet I really learned how to listen to my body. I know what my body responds well to and what it doesn’t. Common sense leads me to eat the things I respond well to and to avoid things that my body doesn’t respond well to. I encourage everyone to tune into his or her body’s nutritional needs. What works for me may not work for you but consistency with whatever path you take will be the path to results. I attribute my total 73 lbs. of weight loss to consistent diet and programming offered at CFOKC.

CFOKC: Has CrossFit helped reverse any long term health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc?

D: I was unaware of any health issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol before my commencement of CrossFit. I don’t doubt, however, that my condition before CrossFit was much worse than it is currently.

CFOKC: How has your life changed since starting at CFOKC?

D: I love this last question. I mentioned earlier that I have a deep connection to CFOKC. My best friendships have come from CFOKC. The opportunity to be around like-minded people who want the same things is truly priceless. I love competing against myself. I love breaking through walls, walls that say “stop, you can’t keep doing this”. Finding the strength to pick up the bar or simply just keep moving, keep breathing, and encouraging the person standing next to you to do the same thing…….man there is just nothing quite like it! CrossFit OKC encourages everyone that comes through the doors to be the best they can be. That says a lot!